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Ravensburger 16702 Gathering at The Waterhole

  • Brand: Ravensburger
  • Puzzle Type: Jigsaw
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Pieces: 2000
  • Manufacturer Minimum Age: 144 months (12 years)
  • Special Features: Anti-Glare Surface, Precision Fit, Unique Piece Design
  • Best for: Adults and puzzle enthusiasts

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Ravensburger’s „Gathering at The Waterhole*“ is not just a puzzle; it’s a journey into the heart of the Serengeti, inviting you to piece together a vibrant and detailed depiction of exotic African wildlife. Known worldwide for its premium quality puzzles, Ravensburger delivers a challenging yet rewarding experience with this 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Perfect for adults and seasoned puzzle enthusiasts, this puzzle combines intricate design with the serene beauty of nature.

Detailed Key Facts and Special Features

Premium Quality and Craftsmanship

Ravensburger has long set the standard for jigsaw puzzles with its commitment to quality. The „Gathering at The Waterhole“ puzzle is a testament to this legacy, boasting features that ensure a superior puzzling experience:

  • Anti-Glare Surface: A linen-structured paper reduces glare, making each piece easier to see and handle.
  • Precision Fit: Every piece is meticulously crafted to fit perfectly, ensuring a seamless and satisfying assembly process.
  • Unique Piece Design: With every puzzle piece being unique, the frustration of finding the correct spot is minimized, elevating the joy of the puzzle-building experience.

Detailed and Comprehensive Description of the Product

Ravensburger’s dedication to creating puzzles that are both challenging and enjoyable is evident in every aspect of the „Gathering at The Waterhole.“ The puzzle, measuring 27″ x 20″ upon completion, offers a generous canvas that brings the Serengeti’s wildlife to your living room. The use of exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard and fine, linen-structured paper ensures durability and a premium feel. Additionally, the anti-glare surface and precision-made pieces highlight Ravensburger’s attention to detail and commitment to providing a first-rate puzzling experience. Whether you’re a puzzle aficionado or looking for a gift that encourages patience and concentration, this puzzle is sure to impress.

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  • 2000 Precision-Cut Pieces: Ensures a tight fit and a challenging assembly experience.
  • Vivid Imagery: A stunning depiction of African wildlife at a waterhole, full of color and life.
  • High-Quality Materials: Extra-thick cardboard and linen-structured paper for durability and a pleasant tactile experience.
  • Glare-Free: Enjoy puzzling at any time of day without the annoyance of glare.
  • Unique Piece Design: No two pieces are the same, making every part of the assembly unique and engaging.

Product Data Table

Puzzle TypeJigsaw
Number of Pieces2000
Dimensions (Completed)27″ x 20″
MaterialCardboard, Linen-Structured Paper
Recommended Age12 years and up
Special FeaturesAnti-Glare Surface, Precision Fit, Unique Pieces

User Experiences

Positive Aspects:

  • Users consistently praise the puzzle’s quality and the satisfaction of fitting each piece perfectly.
  • The vibrant, detailed artwork is frequently highlighted as a major draw, making the puzzle not only a challenge but also a beautiful piece to behold.
  • The quality of Ravensburger puzzles, including the unique piece design and the precision fit, is often cited as a reason for customer loyalty.

Negative Aspects:

  • Some users have noted the challenge level of this puzzle, particularly distinguishing between similarly colored pieces, which can be frustrating for some.
  • A few reports mention missing pieces, though this seems to be an exception rather than the rule.


Ravensburger’s „Gathering at The Waterhole“ is more than just a puzzle; it’s a piece of art that offers a gratifying challenge to those willing to embark on the journey. Its premium quality, combined with the serene beauty of the African Serengeti, makes it an ideal gift for puzzle lovers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. However, this puzzle is not just about the end result; it’s about the journey there. The process of piecing together this beautiful image can be meditative, offering a break from the digital clutter of daily life. Remember, patience and a keen eye are key to conquering this challenge, and the reward is a stunning piece of art you can be proud of. Whether you’re puzzling solo or with loved ones, „Gathering at The Waterhole“ promises a rewarding experience filled with discovery, concentration, and ultimately, a sense of accomplishment.

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