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Eberlestock Switchblade Pack

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The Eberlestock Switchblade Pack* is a tactical and highly functional backpack designed for versatility and durability. Made from 100% 500D Cordura Nylon, this backpack is built to withstand rugged conditions while offering maximum storage and organization for all your gear. Whether you’re heading out for a tactical mission, outdoor adventure, or everyday carry, the Switchblade is engineered to meet your needs with its innovative features and superior comfort.

Detailed Key Facts and Special Features

Tactical Design

  • Magnetic Openings: Quick access to concealed carry pouches from either side.
  • Loop-Velcro PALS Webbing: For MOLLE- or velcro-backed accessories.
  • MOLLE-10 Webbing: Carries standard 3-row MOLLE accessories with a 60% weight savings.

Maximum Storage

  • Capacity: Up to 1,050 cubic inches.
  • Organization: Top lid pocket with two magazine pouches, a 17” tech pocket, drawstring cup holder pockets, and a flat side-zip pocket.

Comfort and Adjustability

  • Ventilated Back Panel: For enhanced comfort.
  • Adjustable Straps: Padded straps, sternum strap, and hip belt for even weight distribution.


  • Hydration Bladder Sleeve: Compatible with most hydration bladders.


  • Built to Last: Reinforced stress points, heavy-duty zippers, and a built-in rain cover.


  • Magnetic openings for easy access to concealed carry pouches.
  • MOLLE-10 webbing for lightweight accessory carrying.
  • A ventilated back panel and adjustable straps for comfort.
  • Hydration bladder compatibility.
  • Reinforced construction with a built-in rain cover for durability.
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Product Data Table

Fabric Type100% 500D Cordura Nylon
Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Capacity1,050 cubic inches
Tech Pocket Size17 inches
Hydration SleeveCompatible with most bladders
Weight Savings60% over standard MOLLE matrixes

User Experiences

Positive Aspects

Customers praise the Eberlestock Switchblade for its organizational capabilities, durability, and comfort. The backpack’s construction is highlighted as solid and dependable, without being overly heavy. Users appreciate the backpack’s tactical features, including the concealed carry channel and the multitude of pockets for efficient organization. The comfort of wear, even over extended periods, is consistently mentioned, with the adjustable features allowing for a tailored fit to various body types.

Negative Aspects

Some criticisms include mixed opinions on the zipper functionality and the backpack’s weight for specific tasks, such as ultra-lightweight requirements. However, these concerns are minimal compared to the overwhelming positive feedback.


The Eberlestock Switchblade Pack is a testament to Eberlestock’s commitment to quality, functionality, and user satisfaction. With its tactical design, maximum storage capacity, comfort, and unmatched durability, it stands out as a premium choice for anyone in need of a reliable backpack for a wide range of activities. Whether for tactical operations, outdoor adventures, or daily use, the Switchblade offers an unparalleled blend of features designed to enhance your carrying experience. Considering its innovative design, comfort, and versatility across various environments, the Eberlestock Switchblade Pack is well worth the investment for those seeking a high-quality, durable backpack.

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