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Silver Ticket STR-16:9 120″ Diagonal

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Immerse yourself in the cinematic experience right from the comfort of your home with the Silver Ticket STR-16:9 120″ Diagonal Fixed Frame Projection Screen*. Designed for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of home cinema, this screen brings movies, games, and presentations to life with unparalleled clarity and vividness. Let’s delve into what makes this screen a must-have for your home theater or media room.

Key Features and Benefits

Premium Material and Construction

  • Material: Crafted with high-quality vinyl and robust aluminum, the Silver Ticket STR-16:9 screen is built to last. The light grey screen material, with a 1.0 gain, ensures optimal reflection of vibrant colors and deep blacks, enhancing your viewing experience in all lighting conditions.
  • Sturdy Frame: The heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame is wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet, significantly reducing over-projected light. This meticulous design feature ensures a crisp viewing image, making every movie night unforgettable.

Ultra-Thin Bezel for Maximum Viewing Area

  • 0.28″ Thin Bezel: The ultra-thin bezel maximizes the viewing area, providing a seamless and expansive image that draws you into the action. It’s perfect for ultra-short-throw projectors and offers a modern aesthetic to complement any room’s decor.

Easy and Adjustable Installation

  • Quick Assembly: The tensioning rod spring system allows for a straightforward assembly process. You can expect to have your screen ready for movie night in just a few minutes, without compromising on screen tension or image quality.
  • Adjustable Mounting: The screen comes with secure top and bottom mounting brackets, offering horizontal adjustment for perfect alignment. This feature ensures that your screen is perfectly positioned for the best possible viewing experience.
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Versatile and High-Performance Viewing

  • Compatible with Various Projectors: Whether you have a long, short, or ultra-short throw projector, this screen is designed to accommodate your setup. Its light grey material works exceptionally well in darker rooms with light-colored walls, providing a versatile solution for different environments.
  • 4K/8K and Active 3D Ready: Prepare to be amazed by beautiful movies, pictures, and games in full HD, 4K/8K, and Active 3D. The screen’s superior reflective properties and wide viewing angle ensure no resolution loss, offering a premium home theater experience.

Additional Information

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Overall Size: 59.38″ Tall x 105.13″ Wide
  • Viewing Area: 120″ Diagonal x 58.875″ Tall x 104.5″ Wide
  • Material: Vinyl, Aluminum
  • Display Dimensions: 120 inches
  • Brand: Silver Ticket Products

Customer Reviews Summary

Customers have praised the Silver Ticket STR-16:9 screen for its exceptional picture quality, sturdy build, and beautiful screen aesthetics. While the ease of installation received mixed reviews, the overall consensus highlights the product’s value, color accuracy, and quality. Some users noted challenges with sensitive screen material and the necessity of careful handling, especially in households with children or pets.


The Silver Ticket STR-16:9 120″ Diagonal Fixed Frame Projection Screen is a testament to quality, performance, and durability. Whether for movies, gaming, or presentations, this screen elevates your viewing experience to cinematic levels. With easy installation, a thin bezel for a larger viewing area, and compatibility with various projectors, it’s the perfect addition to any home theater or media room looking to mimic the magic of the movies.

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